Funding & Support

1. Contributions

Development or production contributions are contracted with formal agreements. The stage of development determines the amount of support granted:

Development of a screenplay:
Production agreement:

2. Project Details

up to CHF 5‘000.-
up to CHF 50‘000.-

Length of the film:
Film genre:
Synopsis, project idea or exposé:
Language of the documents submitted:

from 1 minute to a maximum of 30 minutes
all genres
no more than 3 A4-pages
no more than 10 A4-pages
German or English

3. Submission Deadlines and Evaluation Times

Submission deadline:
Evaluation times:

any time
no more than 3 months at most, after submission deadline

4. Contact Data

CV with information on place of residence and phone numbers etc.

5. Examination Procedures / Evaluation Criteria

The members of the Commission check the projects as to originality and quality. Special consideration is given to potential exploitations at national and international Short Film Festivals. In the field of low-budget films, priority is given to the criteria of „promotion of young talents“ and to „first work“.

The members of the Commission select the most interesting project ideas and invite their authors for an interview where they are given the opportunity of convincing the commission members and the producer in person about their project.

Decisions taken by the members of the commission are final and need not to be substantiated. No legal recourse is permitted.

6. Submission Format and Address

All project documents and personal data are treated in confidence. Please send documents and CV in a pdf-format to Thank you.